Home-Based Hypnotherapy Helps Kids with IBS (JAMA Pediatrics)

Non-inferior to individualized hypnotherapy with a therapist


MedpageToday | March 27, 2017

Home-based hypnotherapy for kids with irritable bowel syndrome was non-inferior to hypnotherapy with a therapist, a randomized trial found.

Researchers writing in JAMA Pediatrics found that individual gut-directed hypnotherapy for children with IBS, functional abdominal pain, or functional abdominal pain syndrome who were given a CD for self-based home exercises was non-inferior to hypnotherapy with a qualified therapist. After a year of follow-up, treatment success in the home group was non-inferior to the therapist group, as well.

The authors concluded that home-based hypnotherapy can be effective for the long-term and is an “attractive treatment option” for children suffering from IBS or other types of functional abdominal pain.

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