Podcast – Series 1


Join Behavioral Mechanics on a weekly journey into NLP, Hypnosis, and other modalities related to language usage and communication.

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New for 2018, this is the first podcast series offered by Behavioral Mechanics! Matthew J. Hunt will be delivering weekly content to you, sharing his expertise, perspective, and advice on myriad topics.

We’re going to take a weekly look at evolving events in the realms of language usage, mind control, programming, subliminal advertising, persuasive speaking, and much more. Each podcast will introduce you to new ways to view the world around you, adjust your filters, and give you tools to move forward!

The goal of this series is to empower you to achieve excellence while recognizing the forces against you!

You will get 52 episodes in total… plus a few extras along the way. First episode is to be released on January 1, 2018! Sign up now to take advantage of this special pricing! All subscribers will be contacted via email by December 29th with instructions to access the feeds.